Administrative Department
This department oversees general administration of the church. The department also sees to the free flow of activities, purchase necessary stationaries for the church’s office use and making sure utilities like electricity, security and alarm features are working. 
Choir/Music Department
This department ministers through songs. The department organizes rehearsal session for its member at least twice every week to prepare for the Sunday service.
This department consists of the Pastor in charge. She provides counsel and advice to members based on the word of God
Dance Department

They minister to the congregation and visitors through their theatrical productions in dance and choreography.

Drama Department

They minister to the congregation and visitors through their theatrical productions i.e. dramas, plays, playlets etc.

This department consists of teachers who tutor aspiring members, workers and ministers.
This comprises the church elders (Ages 60 and above). They support the church in terms of prayer. They also are involved in departments as led by God because Moses was called at an older age to be used by God.
Events Planning
The department organizes events in the church, plan, executes and ensures all the necessary logistics are in place.
Finance Department
This department oversees church financial accounts. The department receives and make sure funds given to the church are deposited to the bank as soon as possible. They keep accurate records of how money is spent. They oversee the church budget and provide auditing functions.
Follow Up/ Visitation Department

This department works with the evangelism department. They are responsible for recording all information from new converts, visitations to welcome new members and checking up on all members with regular phone calls to ensure that they are growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hospitality Department
This department oversees the working of all hospitality programs and visitor’s care. The department design and review communication material for the first-timers and provides the first timer with a light refreshment after the service.
House To House Fellowship
They locate member house that is suitable for fellowship. They organize members of the church into different cells per the house addresses or location. They teach and share the word of God and assist the members of the cells/fellowship that are in need.
Junior Church
This is the children arm of the church. It consists of the children between the ages of 0-12 years and their teachers. The junior church department follows the church guidelines in teaching the children in the ways of the Lord.
Men Department
This department consists of all men in the church. They help in assisting the church financially. They are the head and assume various responsibilities in the church. This department hosts annual Men’s Weekend and organizes other functions to encourage brethren to participate in the works of the ministry.                           
Missions Department
The department reaches out to the world through the spreading of the gospel of Christ to cities and nations with the primary aim of winning souls. They provide support financially, materially and spiritually to cities or nation that are in need.
Outreach & Evangelism Department
This department reaches out to the people far and wide to preach and minister to people’s spiritual needs as well as other basic needs like food and clothes. They also collaborate with the welfare department to conduct food drive to people in the community.
Prayer Department
This department intercedes for the church and members of the church as well as non-members through prayer. They meet at specific days to pray in agreement for the church.
Pastoral Care Department
This department oversees the hospitality and welfare of the Presiding/Senior Pastor as well as other Pastors in the ministry. They provide the necessary support for the Pastors and help when needed.
Protocol Department

This department is an arm of the church saddled with the responsibility of providing a hospitable and conducive environment for visiting Guest Ministers or Pastors (both Local and International) with the sole aim of making them feel at home. They oversee the flight details and other logistics, hotel reservation or accommodation, provision of refreshment and food for the visiting Ministers or Pastors. The department also controls unwanted movement towards the altar during worship services.

Sanitation Department
This department is saddled with the responsibility of seeing to the cleanliness of the sanctuary. They also work in liaison with the ushering department for proper arrangement of the sanctuary in preparation for services and events.
Young Adults and Singles
This department is responsible for all young adults and singles activities. The age bracket falls between the ages of 18 (that is in College/ universities or not in high school) to adults.  To ensure that we lose none of our youth to the wiles of society, the department plans activities for its members to keep them active in the church while teaching them Christian values. They always have their Annual weekend that is full of activities.  
Special Duties
This department acts as the Pastoral special task force. They work mostly with the Pastor to take charge of impromptu task and duties. They carry out specially assigned roles for the church when the need arises.
Sunday School
This department prepares ahead for Sunday school services. They teach members of the church during the Sunday school hours. They oversee the sales of Sunday school manual and other material needed for Sunday school. They train teachers for the Sunday schools and conduct quizzes and test for Sunday school students.
Technical / Maintenance

This department is responsible for having quality sound at all church services and events like weddings, crusades, revival and picnic pertaining to the Church.  They produce quality audio and video of all the sermons for the church and make it available for purchase in the bookstore.

Media Department
This department handles the duplicating of weekly services, audio and videotape catalogs, processing mail orders, and stocking the bookstore with the finest selection of Christian literature, music tapes and any other specialty items.
Teen Department
This department oversees the spiritual and welfare need of the teenagers in the church. They train them in line with the church doctrine. They work with the teens on developing opportunities for them and helping them learn more about God.
Transportation Department
This department provides a means of transportation for members who need transportation to the church. They dedicate themselves to the advancement of God’s Kingdom by providing a safe means of conveying people and other logistics for church activities outside the church premises.  The department also ensures the church buses function properly.
Ushering Department
This department creates a great hospitality experience for a first timer to the church or long time member every time they come /visit the church. They assist in seating member and visitors. The ushering department alongside the protocol department provides care for the Pastor and the visiting or guest Pastor during the service. They help maintain decorum during the service per the church culture. They watch out for the safety of the congregation and act as the line of first response to medical emergencies. They distribute necessary pamphlets and bulletins to church members. They receive offering and other pledges for the church.
Welfare Department
The Welfare department in the church are responsible to care and serve the poor or needy members within the church and its community in which it is located. They identify those in need within the congregation and discretely approach them. They organize and arrange for clothing and other non-perishable food items drive for the needy.
Women Department

The women department is the female arm of the church. It consists of all dedicated wonderful women, desiring to do the will of God. The enrollment to this department is automatic for every woman who is a member of the church.  The Women's Department meets on a regular basis to encourage sisterhood and unity.  This department also hosts an annual Women's Weekend.

Workers Department

This department oversees the enlisting of members into the worker ministry. They train and retrain members based on the word of Christ and the doctrine of the church.

Marriage Counselling

This comprises of the pastors who provides counselling and advice to intending couples. They also take up the mandate to ensure that all families are the way God intended it.

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